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So sleepy.

My new anti depressants make me EXHAUSTED.

If I have to get up for work I’ve been falling asleep while driving despite sleeping 8 hours. Been having to drink coffee.

The past 2 nights I went to bed around 12-1AM and woke up at noon. And I just took a nap I was that tired.

I’ve inly been taking it 5 days but I will have to switch if this doesn’t stop…





Chuck suggested I get my stomach looked at because I feel sick all the time. There’s probably something wrong but I’m scared. You get knocked out and a tube down your throat.

I’m only really freaked out by the IV because needles.

And also a tube down my throat?? Into my…

I’m just so terrified. Thinking about it makes me want to cry. I’d probably pass out before they knocked me out.

Honestly, an endoscopy wouldn’t even be the first test they ordered probably.


My friend had stomach issues and they did a colonoscopy and blood work first

If you were a horror movie villains. What type would you be?


Classic monster: Vampire, werewolf, undead, freakishly large or powerful animal, alien, kaiju

Slasher/serial killer: Normal, psychological thriller serial killer or Supernaturally powerful/immortalΒ  mass murderer. Random crazy ass person

haunted: spirit or poltergeist. haunted/possessed object.

satanic: pretty obvious. demon or satan himself.

Classic! I’ve been obsessed with vampires since I was a kid.

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